SafeNet Authentication Service – Synchronization Agent Release

We’d like to inform you that a maintenance release of the SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) Synchronization Agent is now available for download from the SafeNet Support Portal (DOW3648) (SafeNet Authentication Service Synchronization Agent, version 3.4).

This release is applicable to SafeNet Authentication Service Cloud.

All SAS Cloud customers who are not yet using Differential Synchronization are recommended to upgrade to this agent version. The benefits of Differential Synchronization include less network traffic, reduced sync time, and 20-minute LDAP scan intervals. This also reduces system load, helping to increase the reliability of sync services. For a detailed explanation of the Differential Synchronization feature, please refer to the SAS Synch Agent FAQ, which is also included in (DOW3648).

This release is also recommended for all customers currently using Differential Synchronization due to the resolved defects.

Please refer to the CRN for additional details and upgrade information.