On January 8, 2015, SafeNet became part of Gemalto with the aim to become the world’s leading vendor of solutions for protecting data, transactions, and identities as well as monetizing software. SafeNet is firmly integrated into the wider product Gemalto portfolio and its solutions for Enterprise Security and Software Monetization are now at the heart of our vision to bring trust to an increasingly connected world.

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The Gemalto brand has evolved to include the SafeNet portfolio and has resulted in some important changes to the former SafeNet corporate branding. In brief, this means that the SafeNet name will now refer to a product offer while Gemalto will be used as the company brand. The most visible impact for you will be a phase out of the SafeNet company logo although the SafeNet and Sentinel names will still be used for our products.

FYI, all existing product names remain the same. Moving forward, with new product releases, we will be changing the names of some SafeNet/Gemalto product family names as outlined in the following link.  These will be communicated as part of future product releases. Please note that the Ezio product family names are not planned to change in the near future.