SafeNet Authentication Service Agent for Epic Hyperspace 1.0 – Release Announcement

We are pleased to announce the release of SafeNet Authentication Service Agent for Epic Hyperspace v1.0, a new SafeNet Authentication Service agent that enables integration with Epic Hyperspace, Epic’s electronic health record (EHR) software. The agent is available for all editions of SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS), including SAS Cloud Edition and SAS PCE/SPE.

Deploying the agent in the customer’s environment enables strong two-factor authentication to Hyperspace, Epic’s client application, to verify a user’s identity before performing such actions such as medication scheduling, ordering, dispensing and prescription downloading.

Installation and configuration instructions, along with the agent itself, can be downloaded from the Gemalto Service Portal (DOW4546).

EPCS Compliance using the SAS Agent for Epic

Customers seeking to comply with the US Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) regulation, can demonstrate compliance using any edition of SAS together with SafeNet MobilePASS software tokens. Thanks to featuring FIPS 140-2 Security Level 1 validated crypto libraries, when MobilePASS is installed on a separate mobile device (smartphone or tablet), the token becomes an EPCS compliant ‘hard token’. For more details, download our infographic or EPCS Compliance White Paper.