SafeNet ProtectServer HSM Version 5.4 Field Upgrade Now Available

Gemalto is pleased to announce the field upgrade readiness of SafeNet ProtectServer HSM version 5.4.

New features for the appliance include:

  • Addition of Elliptic Curves and Native Block Chain Algorithms: SafeNet ProtectServer HSMs now support the BIP32 algorithm, which is widely used as the standard to encrypt digital wallets. Also, support for the SECP256k1 elliptic curve has been added, which is used for signing entries in Blockchain. 
  • Additional OS Support: SafeNet ProtectServer HSMs are now equipped to support the latest Windows and Linux operating systems, along with expanding support to AIX, HP_UX, and Solaris, giving our customers wider compatibility with the operating systems they have deployed. 


Contact your Gemalto sales representative for additional information or to order SafeNet ProtectServer Network HSM devices.