Luna HSM Universal Client v10.2 Now Available

The Universal Client v10.2 is now available, providing new operating system support for RHEL8 and Windows Server Core for Luna Network HSM, Luna PCIe HSM as well as Luna Cloud HSM from Data Protection on Demand (DPoD).

As a reminder, the Universal Client provides the following hybrid benefits:

  • Ease of Use: deploy a single client to support both our on-premises and cloud-based HSMs
  • Flexibility:
    • Clone keys between Luna HSMs and Luna Cloud HSM
    • Securely backup and restore HSM key material between Luna HSMs, Luna Cloud HSMs and Luna Backup HSMs with automatic key replication
  • Scalability: 3rd party HSM integrations working with both Luna HSMs and Luna Cloud HSM

Additionally, Universal Client v10.2 is required to perform the new 5G algorithms, and support AIX 7.2 and SuSE 11 & 12 for Luna Network HSM only, as announced in the Luna HSM 7.4.2 firmware release.

Download the Luna HSM Universal Client v10.2, release notes and product documentation from the Support Portal at KB0021773.

Contact your Thales Representative any questions.