CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager v2.5.1 — great new features for cloud consumers!

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager v2.5.1 arrives with great new features for our Google Cloud Platform customers! CCKM Embedded now supports both Google Cloud External Key Management (EKM) and Google Cloud Customer-Managed Encryption Keys (CMEK). CMEK has been on CCKM Appliance for a while and now comes to Embedded. Google EKM is also available on Data Protection on Demand,

In addition to the Google Cloud Platform capabilities, CCKM v2.5.1 has two new great features for Amazon Web Services Key Management Services (KMS): First, we’ve added support for key policy templates applied to AWS native and BYOK keys. In 2.5.1 this capability is only in the CCKM API; GUI support is coming in the future. In addition, CCKM will now automatically append the key rotation date to an existing AWS key alias. This capability is available for both manual and automated rotation, and provides key rotation visibility for AWS encryption key administrators.