CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager v2.6 ships

Tech blog readers: a quick nomenclature review: we have two editions of CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager: Embedded, whose version numbers are 2.x, and Appliance, with 1.x version numbers.

Continuing its incredible pace of innovation, CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager v2.6 shipped at the end of October.

Embedded Gets a new Cloud

If you’ve been waiting for CCKM-Embedded to support, your wait is over. The Implementation supports both BYOK and Salesface Cached Keys, one of the first hold your own key (HYOK) implementations in the industry.

Other Coolness

Responding to some customer needs, CCKM v2.6 now supports AWS multi-region keys via the API.

And in ongoing support for our rapidly advancing collaborations with Google, CCKM v2.6 includes a tech preview of support for Google Cloud Platform Ubiquitous Data Encryption (UDE). Watch the UDE walkthrough video.