CM v2.11.0 LTS

With CM v2.11.0 LTS declaring general availability on 28 Feb 2023:

  1. CipherTrust Manager (CM) and CipherTrust Cloud Key Management (CCKM) transition to the Long Term Support (LTS) Release Model.

LTS significantly improves ease of security patching and maintenance. The LTS release model is described here (link:

  1. HSM Anchored Domains transition from tech preview to GA.
  2. CCKM now supports full migration of CCKM Appliance cloud data, including source keys on DSM and CM.
  3. CCKM introduces management of secrets and certificates within Azure key vaults, and continues to make life easier for Cloud Admins with new features for efficiency and performance.

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Product Management/CM: Waqar Ahmed

Product Management/CCKM: Leonor Jones

Product Marketing: Karen Kelvie