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New Partner Tiles in DPoD Marketplace

Thales is pleased to announce the introduction of additional tiles to the DPoD Marketplace. Partner tiles provide direct links to Thales Partners who offer solutions integrated with the DPoD platform. Newly Introduced Tiles Keyfactor Code Assure Keyfactor Code Assure centralizes code signing operations into a single intuitive platform. Developers can…


ProtectServer ProtectToolkit 5.9 Released

Thales/Gemalto is very pleased to announce the release of ProtectToolkit 5.9. This release, compatible with all ProtectServer 2 models, provides the following new features and enhancements: CTMULTITOKEN SafeNet ProtectToolkit 5.9 includes ctmultitoken, a multi-threaded performance testing tool (which will eventually replace the single-threaded CTPerf tool) that allows you to perform…