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eToken NG-FLASH / NG-FLASH Anywhere- End Of Sales Announcement

Today, SafeNet is announcing the 30th September 2014 as the End-Of-Sale date for the eToken NG-FLASH and eToken NG-FLASH Anywhere tokens. As a replacement for the eToken NG-FLASH / eToken NG-FLASH Anywhere tokens, customers may order the SafeNet eToken 7300. In addition, SafeNet will be providing a Last-Time-to-Buy opportunity to…


SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) Agent for Microsoft NPS – Release Update

We’d like to inform you that an updated version of the SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) Agent for Microsoft Network Policy Server (NPS) is now available for download from the SafeNet Support Portal (DOW3582) (SAS NPS Agent, Build 1.21). This release is a maintenance release. This release is applicable to SafeNet…


SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) 9.0 (SP2) – Release Announcement

As part of our continuing support for existing SAM customers , we would like to announce the availability of SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) 9.0 (SP2). This version resolves known issues and features the following: Security  enhancements: Various optimizations implemented to improve security Refreshed UX/UI: Enhanced look and feel of SAM…


SafeNet Agent for TokenValidator Proxy v3.0.0 – Release Update

We would like to inform you that SafeNet Agent for TokenValidator Proxy v3.0.0 is now available. This release features the following: FIPS support Enhanced Security Windows Server 2019 (64-bit) support Installation and configuration instructions, along with the agent itself, can be downloaded from the Thales Customer Portal KB0022475